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Not The Average Sunday...

Posted on January 16, 2017 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Well, ice happens.

Even though the storm didn't measure up to the hype - at least, not in my neighborhood - the moisture and temperature this morning was enough to make traveling a risk. So our worship gathering will not happen today.

So what does a preacher do on a Sunday when church gets cancelled?

1. He watches the clock all morning and thinks, "It's 10:**...this is what we would be doing right now if we didn't have to cancel church."

2. He has to consider the HUGE issue of sermon vs schedule. Seems like it would be a simple choice, right? Just move everything back a week. Except, well, does that mean you move PALM SUNDAY and RESURRECTION SUNDAY back a week? Of course not!

3. He thinks about the people he isn't seeing this morning. Oh...and he needed to talk to that person about that thing! So I guess that means it's time to pick up the phone...again.

4. He takes advantage of doing some study and planning - and other things - that he hasn't had time to do lately. Like writing a blog for the church website.

Stay warm and safe, y'all.